If you would like to increase the safety, security, reliability and efficiency of your facility while decreasing energy and maintenance costs, then upgrading your current fluorescent or HID lighting to LED is the solution.

The benefits to switching over to LED lighting include:

  1. Less Energy Consumption
  2. Lower Maintenance costs
  3. Safer workspaces
  4. More Secure parking lots and exterior space
  5. Potential Focus on Energy Rebates

Universal Power & Systems, Inc. (UP&S) will come out to your site walk through your facility and provide a working solution for your lighting needs that addresses all of your concerns and pays for itself via reduced operating costs. These solutions include:

  1. Re-lamping with a ballast bypass
  2. LED Fixture swap
  3. Occupancy Sensor installation
  4. Lighting Control System installation
  5. Daylight Harvesting System installation

UP&S will provide a detailed proposal and payback period analysis after your walk thru to help you feel comfortable with the proposed solution and energy saving estimates. We will also help you take advantage of any Focus on Energy rebates available as a result of the project.

Here is a link to the current Focus on Energy Incentives for businesses: https://www.focusonenergy.com/sites/default/files/inline-files/2022/BIZ-Summary_of_Services_and_Incentives.pdf

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